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Reel Breakdown

Pet Dinosaur 

The inspiration behind creating this short animation was - I envisioned  this domesticated, miniature T-Rex and  if I did indeed own this pet dinosaur - what would happen?

Sources : T-Rex & Liam Rig from CreativeCrash.com | 3D Kitchen  Model from 3Drender.com | Sound File - "Clint Eastwood" - Gorillas

Newscaster on Planet XYZ
To help with my acting development in my animation, I started watching actors audition tapes on
You Tube. I picked this voice to animate because I really  liked the awkward pauses in between his speech and breathing and  felt it would be a great opportunity to practice weight and timing. 

Sources : Malcolm Rig from  (Animschool.com) | Background Image - Digital Universe (hdwallpapers.in)  | Sound File - "Freaks and Geeks Audition  - Neal Schweiber (Samm Levine)"YouTube.com

My Gypsy Bro

To be honest I couldn't  think of any creative "full body" acting choices to go with this dialogue, so it became a great opportunity to  focus on just facial expressions and this gypsy - fortune teller idea just came about.

(Also I totally started  getting into the show - " Through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman )

Sources : Morpheus Rig by Josh Burton | Sound File : Morgan Freeman "Through the Wormhole" Introduction | Background Photograph - Lego "Harry Potter" | 3D Glass Texture - Creativecrash.com

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Earlier Animations  (2013)

Space Boarder

Years ago I went to this skate park and did some photography work there  and took some video footage of these skate boarders ; so since I had the reference footage, I figured I'd make this animation. I do feel  that I might of given him some extra - dynamic because I placed him in this "space world" environment - where gravity can possibly be different?

Sources :  Skateboarder - Stewart Rig (Animationmentor.com) | Background Image - Digital Universe (hdwallpapers.in)

Step Bro

I picked this scene from the movie Step Brothers because it was chock-full of energy and just thought it would be fun to animate. I've actually re-done this piece several times.

Sources : Eleven Rig (11SecondClub.com) | Sound File - Step Brothers - Movie Scene (YouTube.com) | 3D Bedroom Model -  3Drender.com

11 Second Club Submission

I originally submitted this piece in November 2013 for the 11 Second Club monthly competition. When I submitted it, it was not as polished as it is now, along with other things that were off - so I was rated  91 out of 367. However I was excited about this because at the time I really had no idea what I was doing. So as I developed  I  re-opened this piece and corrected it's errors.

Sources - Groggy Rig (CreativeCrash.com) and Bonnie Rig  by Josh Sobel | 3D Space Ship Model Scene from 3Drender.com | Sound File :  11 Second Club Competition (November 2013)

(Completed All 3D Animation and Lighting - Downloaded Character Rigs and 3D Models)
*Demo Reel - Completed all 3D Animation and Lighting (Autodesk Maya)  - Downloaded 3D Models and Character Rigs.  (Reel Breakdown Below)
Song : "Trek " - Antfood
Sources : Sound File "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" ( Film )  Character Rig - Fuzzy | 3D Cabin Model - 3DRender.com
Sources : Sound File "Birdcage" (Film) Character Rig and 3D Theater Model from CreativeCrash.com


Sources : Sound File "Super Bad" ( Film )  Character Rig - Eleven Rig (11secondclub.com) | Background Image - Google Images
Source: Rig from CreativeCrash.com
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